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Secure Data Continuity

Datativity is data continuity in the purest sense. The capture and recording of information, anywhere, anytime with the ability to use and analyze that data in real-time.

From the field, to the cloud, to your desktop, the reality is that software and technology are merely the means to an end. The goal is to ensure that consistent, validated information is available throughout the evolution of your company, personnel, growth, and objectives.

Datativity consists of several business components that comprise a suite of tools used to solve several data collection initiatives. These components are consolidated on MIJARA’s Internet Collaboration Environment (ICE) Cloud which provides the underlying framework for secure data storage, encryption functions, directory services, system wide parameters, administration functions, and centralized data management.

The Datativity solution is an NIST SP 800-53 based application framework for implementing customizable tools specifically designed to provide a centralized, team-based experience.  Key aspects include multi-factor authentication, data encryption in transit and at rest, and will achieve zero-tolerance data flow in 2023.

Read below and discover what these tools can do for you.

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perspect. /pərˈspekt/ verb verb: perspect 1. the art of exploring multiple internal and external viewpoints to gain clarity and insight and drive action.

perspect is an online collaboration tool used to manage project timelines, upload, discuss and share documents, manage project calendars, and provides a platform for secure team communications using the latest encryption technology and cyber-security compliance.

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connect. /kuh-nekt/ verb: to establish communication between; put in communication

connect is a web-based environmental equipment monitoring tool used to view and interact with remotely deployed sensors including air quality, water quality, water level, and weather data. The service provides real-time user customizable alerting, geospatial visualization, public and private map interfaces, and delivers end to end solutions with our partner equipment vendors to create a single experience.

Use Connect to get real-time data from across the country and around the world using cellular and satellite services. 

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inspect. /in-spekt/ verb: to examine critically or carefully; especially, to search out problems or determine condition; to scrutinize

inspect is a user customizable, checklist-driven web tool designed to configure inspection requirements, automatically generate inspection tasks, assign and process inspection activity, and present user feedback and management notification at all stages. Complete workflow integration from inspection, problem identification, tracking and resolution, to reporting, trend analysis and export of information.  Manage any type of inspection task including land use controls, facilities, equipment, personnel training, or anything in between.

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Fully Tailored Service Delivery

At MIJARA we understand that one size does not fit all which is why all Datativity services are customizable to fit your unique organizational needs. From screen layout, data fields, workflows, color schemes, logos, and functionality, each of the services are setup to match your exact requirements and operate as stand-alone, unique instances. Resellers can take advantage of our white label configuration that provides corporate branding and unlimited growth all with very affordable pricing plans. The Datativty application framework and ICE infrastructure allow for a great degree of flexibility and provides a solid foundation for building your data solution and customer experience.

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