Datativity Inspect is a user customizable, checklist-driven web tool designed to configure inspection requirements, automatically generate inspection tasks, assign and process inspection activity, and present user feedback and management notification at all stages. Complete workflow integration from inspection, problem identification, tracking and resolution, to reporting, trend analysis and export of information.  Manage any type of inspection task including land use controls, facilities, equipment, personnel training, or anything in between.  Define your custom checklists and let INSPECT do the rest.  INSPECT is a smart client that operates as a standard online web application and is also able to work offline with a single click that sets up a local copy able to collect data and synchronize that data back when internet connectivity becomes available.

Platform Availability: Microsoft Windows, Apple IOS, Google Android


Centrally manage all aspects of your inspection requirements from a single point of control. Any entity can be inspected using your own custom designed, revision-tracked checklists.  From land use controlled areas, to facilities and equipment, the Datativity Inspect scheduling engine will build monthly task lists, create audit trails, and provide graphic trend charting on any numeric value from any checklist.

  • Assign unique names and descriptive locations

  • Describe chemical and physical hazard conditions

  • Assign restrictions and controls

  • Assign personnel roles and notifications

  • Configure routine scheduling and task assignment

  • Build customized checklists with user feedback and range exceedance

  • Integrate the entire system into your existing business process


Datativity Inspect is designed to be operated using tablet touchscreen devices using vibrant color schemes, extra-large fonts and buttons, and the ability to use gestures and screen rotation to provide the inspector with the best possible experience for the job at hand. The tool can be customized to only present the general inspection tools for field staff to simplify the user screen and reduce overall familiarization and training time.   Using your own internal checklists, the transition from paper-based checklists to Datativity Inspect is quick with instant gains in data quality and user acceptance.

 Use customized checklists for land use controls, construction, equipment, facilities, or just about anything that you currently use paper for in the field. 
Be assured that you are working with the most current checklist revision and inspection requirements. 
Work online with an internet connection or offline when disconnected and easily synchronize collected data at a later time.
 Request repairs for deficiencies directly from within the checklist and interact directly with internal and external work orders.


As has been said many times in the past, you cannot manage what you cannot measure.  With fully auditable inspection, repair, and statistical reporting, Datativity Inspect provides facility, remediation, construction, and equipment managers with the tools they need to meet compliance and certification goals.  Review and approve inspection activity as it occurs.  View reports of inspection deficiencies and route them to the correct personnel for rectification with fully configurable work flow settings, permissions, and notifications.

Gain insight into your internal processes and staffing requirements using online report and trending tools
Route repair ticket requests and track completion
Generate reports and raw data exports for further analysis
View online trending of numeric data with out-of-range identification
Login from any internet capable device based on internal corporate policies